Kohaku as she appears in Kobato
Series: Kobato.
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Birthday: N/A
Background/Alliance Information
Other name: N/A
Relations: Shuuichiro Kudo (husband)
Residence N/A
Current Status: Alive
Powers Singing
Physical Traits: Blonde hair with a spiral on one side and golden brown eyes.
First Appearance(Manga): {{{first_manga}}}
First Appearance(Anime) Kobato ep.4
Last Appearance(Manga): {{{last_manga}}}
Last Appearance(Anime) Kobato ep.24
Voice Actors
Japanese: Chiwa Saito
English N/A

Kohaku is one of the cross-over characters in Kobato. She is a supporting important character.


Kohaku has blonde hair with a spiral on one side and golden brown eyes. Kohaku often wear a purple shirt and medium blue jeans.


She is a carefree character, willing to allow Fujimoto understand what happened when Kobato disappeared back to Heaven (because she didn't fulfill her wish) when everyone else forgot.

She also knows Ashita Kuru HI, a song Kobato is often seen singing, as shown in the anime and manga of her singing for a ginkgo tree in sync with Kobato.


Apparently she is an angel from Heaven, and because of the strong bond between her husband and herself, she stays on Earth to live with him.





  • Her name means "Amber"
  • She is one of Characters from Wish.

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