Yomogi nursery(manga)

The よ もぎ 保育園 (Yomogi Hoikuen), or Yomogi Kindergarten is a private educational institution run by Sayaka Okiura. This nursery is one of the central places in the Kobato series.


The nursery seems to have been founded by Okiura Sayaka's father, who was involved in the management until his death. Her father, however, was later ripped off by a group of criminals, who succeeded in obtaining the mortgage of the building, and eventually blackmailed him to extort more money from the manager,Kazuto's father.

After the director's death, the daughter, though aggravated by the many debts, however, decided to take control of the school. Since then, Sayaka was forced to continue paying the monthly fee to the criminal group to keep the school open.




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