Kazuto Okiura
Kazuto Okiura in the anime
Series: Kobato.
Gender: Male
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Other name: Debt Collector, Kazuto (anime)
Relations: Sayaka Okiura (ex-wife)
Current Status: Active
Physical Traits: Black hair, blue eyes
First Appearance(Manga):
First Appearance(Anime) Kobato ep.6
Last Appearance(Manga):
Last Appearance(Anime) Kobato ep.24
Voice Actors
Japanese: Shin-ichiro Miki
English Unknown

Okiura Kazuto (沖浦 和人), is a character from the Kobato series.

He is the collector of the Yomogi Nursery School's debt and an associate of the yakuza.


Not much is known about the debt collector but he keeps threatening Sayaka to pay her debts so that the school will not be closed down. He appears at the end of Chapter 5 and starts talking to Kobato to tell her to pass the message onto Sayaka that if she doesn't pay up, he will have to evict her. It was later revealed that he is Sayaka's ex husband during a phone call in which Fujimoto calls him by his surname "Okiura".

He is noted in the series for smiling a lot and smoking. He enjoys pestering and aggravating Fujimoto, the latter whom despises him for hurting Sayaka in the past. He seems to have developed an interest in Kobato following his first meeting with her. Despite his cheerful and collected nature, he has shown hints of a slightly more sinister side, possibly due to his Yakuza background. His given name has yet to be revealed in the manga, though it is given as "Kazuto" in an article pertaining to the Kobato anime.

In episode 21 it's revealed that he was protecting Sayaka from the president, and that he was playing the bad guy roll so that the president wouldn't get serious and hurt her. When Sayaka gets to know this she says she still can't forgive him, but Kobato makes her realize her true feelings and she confesses that she still loves him. In the last episode they show Sayaka and "Okiura" together in a school attending the children.


He makes his full on-screen debut in ep.16.