Exam 08: Ioryogi and Beer-san
Exam 08
Chapter # 08
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Exam 07

Next: Exam 09

It's very hot outside and Kobato repeats this over and over to Ioryogi. He yells at her, saying there's nothing he can do and eventually she drives him mad again and she apologizes. She suggests going to drink water but they can't drink water from the fountain. Ioryogi quickly suggests "beer"!

But there's one problem and it's that they don't have money. Kobato thinks that they could get a free sample of "beer-san" for Ioryogi. She runs off, and a voice calls him "the form you've taken is pathetic". A fox appears and talks to Ioryogi, calling his name pathetic as well. But he replies that he likes that form and name. He warns him about harming Kobato, but Ginsei asks him if he could really take him on like that. He jumps at him and they battle each other, as his old attacks don't harm Ginsei much. Eventually he leaves.

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