Exam 07: Kobato on a rainy day
Exam 07
Chapter # 07
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Exam 06

Next: Exam 08

It's raining and Ioryogi asks Kobato to show him how to act in a rainy day. She goes looking for a leaf, and is scolded once more by Ioryogi.

She wonders why there's no one using leaves as umbrellas but Ioryogi says that they're not in a fairy tale so she wouldn't find that there, and barks at her. But her hat almost falls off, and Ioryogi says it shouldn't ever fall off.

The helper at the bakery sees her and notices her from the day she helped at Christmas and gives her an umbrella. Then she tries to refuse but in any case she says she'll give it back, once it stops raining. She finds a Piffle co. store and goes inside. But while she's looking, the umbrella disappears. She and Ioryogi argue about this person's motives for taking the umbrella. Then a nice guy leans her another umbrella and walks off with another guy.

The two argue about the different people and their motives. These are things she must learn, otherwise she won't be able to heal any hearts. Just before she's getting her score, she trips over Ioryogi and he paints all over his face.

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