Exam 06: What's hanami mean?
Exam 06
Chapter # 06
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Exam 05

Next: Exam 07

Kobato runs around a park and there are cherry blossoms falling. It's time for "hanami", time for party. So she should know how to act in this situation. She just sits and gets scared that Ioryogi would yell at her. But she's doing the right thing this time. Two guys approach her and try to get her drinking. Ioryogi goes to find sake.

Sayaka and Fujimoto go by the same park, they move further because there's drunk people around. Those people try getting Kobato drinks and she repeteadly says no, they get her dancing and then they give her a microphone, telling her to sing. Finally she does and Ioryogi says she's good. They ask for another one.

Sayaka and Fujimoto overhear her singing, and Sayaka mentions that she has a sweet voice.

Ioryogi gives her 95 points.

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