Exam 05: Chocolate & Valentines
Exam 05
Chapter # 05
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Exam 04

Next: Exam 06


It's Valentine's Day and Kobato's staring at the chocolate shops. There are candies in every shapes. Ribbons and heart shapes. She says she knows all about Valentine's day, that you're supposed to give chocolate to someone you like. But then she says something about Valentine being twins.

A woman comes inside the bakery and the helper tells her that everyone in the Nursery will like to have chocolates from Sayaka-san, which is how she calls her. And gives her a discount for all the bags she's carrying. The male helper says she should thank Fujimoto, because he helped them to get settled for Valentine's day, so they decided to give her a discount. They give her some extra chocolates since she was staring at them. And they tell her they should come by again.

Kobato tries not to split Valentine into two. Ioryogi insists and yells at her some more.

Sitting by a park, Sayaka stares at the chocolates and tries to remember if those were the ones "he" wanted...but it's getting late and she has to run to the school.

Kobato sits by the same bench and finds those chocolates, thinking that maybe someone got them for someone else. She goes crazy and goes around looking for someone who droped chocolates.

Sayaka goes inside the nursery and talks to Fujimoto, thanks him for staying during nap time. She remembers about the chocolates but she notices that they are gone. Then she says "maybe it's meant to be.."

We go back to Kobato and Ioryogi, the day is over and they couldn't find the owner of the chocolates. She did the right thing trying to get it back, though it would have been better to call the police, Ioryogi tells her. He gives her 35 points, and Ioryogi wants to eat the chocolates.

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