Exam 04: A Wonderful New Year's Gift
Exam 04
Chapter # 04
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Exam 03

Next: Exam 05

It's new year and Kobato talks with Ioryogi about it. She doesn't seem to understand it. There's no people in the streets. People took off for the holidays.

She seats in front of the bakery with Ioryogi on her lap, saying maybe she can "rest" too. Ioryogi blasts at her again, telling her she can't rest in front of the stores. She says she's sorry, but she just doesn't understand what people does during New Years. And since no one is around he can't give her a test. Kobato pleas for him to give her one.

Ioryogi spots an old lady and tells Kobato to help her. And the old lady asks for her name, afterwards she says it's ok to help her.

She goes out and helps, then the lady asks her to come in. Kobato argues with her saying she could be a bad person, and that she shouldn't let people she doesn't know in. She laughs and says she couldn't possibly be a bad person. She goes inside and they have a lot of fun together. Then she sees a pendulum and guesses it's for fortune telling, her job.

When she's leaving they talks about the fun time they had and how hard they worked. Ioryogi feels bad because he couldn't eat or drink anything. Either way, the old lady gives her a bottle of mochi for "her little friend". She actually realized that Ioryogi isn't a pet and picks him up. Then hopes that Kobato's wishes come true.

But tells her what will happen next might change that wish.

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