Exam 01: The First Test
Exam 01
Chapter # 01
Chapter Length: 30 Pages
Volume # 1
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: None

Next: Exam 02


A girl and her dog are hiding in a park. The girl's name is Kobato and the dog is Ioryogi.

Ioryogi asks her if she is aware of the importance of the mission, and Kobato assures him. So why are they hiding in one of the tubes like sushi? Ioryogi yells at her, and then blasts her with his fire.

What is her mission?, Ioryogi asks to which Kobato replies, to go to the place she wants to go. But before she needs to fill a bottle with wounded hearts. And get the bottle first.

To obtain the bottle she must fill up a test to see if she's able to survive in there. A test to prove how much common sense she's got.

Ioryogi asks her to act like a normal human being. She goes to the trash can, gets some newspaper, covers herself with it and sleeps over the bench.

But what did she just do! A tired businessman in his lunch break? Ioryogi blasts at her again and she apologizes for not acting normal. When trying to catch a bus, she is approached by a man who asks her to drop "the stuff in the usual spot". Ioryogi tells her that is her next test, so she should drop the garbage. She goes to a collection station but says "not to leave much garbage". The crows are peeking at her, Ioryogi tells her that they're after the garbage. She opens up the bag and the crows seize her.

She figured that giving garbage to the crows would leave less garbage. Ioryogi now calls her Dobato for her naivety. Now it's zero points for her. She promises to make it harder next time.

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