...A Kitten's Lullaby.
Season 1, Episode 08
Air date December 1st, 2009
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A Kitten's Lullaby is the eighth episode of the series Kobato.


Kobato finds a stray kitten and decides to take it home with her, where Chiho and Chise Mihara are pleased about the kitten's presence and name it "Milk". However, Chiho and Chise say that their mother does not allow pets in the apartment. With Mrs. Sayaka's accordance, they bring the kitty to the kindergarten, but one of the children is allergic to cats and so the three decide to look for a owner for the cat, but once they do, the two sisters begin to remember how lonely they feel.

The episode ends up with Kobato singing "Ashita Kuru Hi" in order to cheer up Chiho and Chise. They fall asleep and Kobato earns another Konpeito because her singing consoled the twins and healed their broken hearts.

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