Drop 6.5: The Bear's Baumkuchen Shop
Drop 06-5
Chapter # 22.5
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato, Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 06

Next: Drop 07

Kobato is worried about the mafia guy and approaches him. She wants to help so she calls Fujimoto, telling him "stomach hurts!!"

Ioryogi carries a little box as a gift from the Bear but still complains. The Bear tells him he ate 3 rolls and he's quite small so he can't complain. But Ioryogi tells him he could stack more boxes on his head and he realizes he can't.

His body is so annoying to him. Then the Bear tells him if he wants to get rid of that body he needs to help Kobato achieve her wish soon and save her.

Fujimoto runs all the way looking for Kobato; he finds her and realizes that it wasn't "her" stomach, rather than...

And then Kobato turns around, she's in tears, saying that if the guy's moved he'll only be in more pain. She continues to cry hysterically, thinking he could die.

Fujimoto holds her and tells her it's ok, people don't die that easily. Kobato holds him tighter, while Fujimoto calls an ambulance. She keeps crying in his arms...

Ioryogi finally returns and- well Kobato isn't there.

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