Drop 14: After The Rain
Drop 14
Chapter # 29
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 13

Next: Drop 14.5

Ioryogi sits on the balcony, while he mentions that Kobato was so distracted singing she didn't notice the rain. She picks up a towel and sets out to dry him, when Ioryogi asks her to come closer and bend down. He tells her it's ok if she doesn't wanna say anything, but she can talk if she wants to. She's startled by this, smiles to Ioryogi and thanks him.

She tells him about her feelings for Fujimoto, how she didn't want him to get hurt, and how she doesn't quite know why. She lies on her bed, while Ioryogi tells her she must know what she'd do about it. He thinks to himself, that the more wishes they get the harder things get- and they don't have much time. A shadowy figure appears, it's Ginsei who comments that if he doesn't grant Kobato's wish he can't "go back".

Next morning, Kobato seems to have overslept, to which Ioryogi replies that he tried waking her up. And she tells him she didn't notice, which is why Ioryogi wanted to stick his hand in her mouth- and Kobato tells him to wake her normally. Then she notices Fujimoto on the street- she trips and nearly falls when a stranger catches her in time. Fujimoto sees them and walks away- it seems that the stranger knows him.

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