Drop 13: Talk of the Past
Drop 13
Chapter # 28
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Drop 12.5

Next: Drop 14

Zuisho asks Ioryogi if that's what Usagi told him, he remains silent. It starts raining and Ioryogi threatens him again saying if he does drop him again he'll become barbecue.

The scene changes to the Bear's Shop who is clearly happy for the job he does at making baumkuchen. Then he senses Ginsei coming and tells him to hurry inside, but it surprises him when he comes through the window and angered, he tells him that he's got some bad manners. He leaves a towel for him, though he can't seem to pick it up, to which Genko responds that he can't take anything if it isn't from him. Then someone drops another towel for him, he dries up and talk to Genko, who asks him why he'd come in that form, and Ginsei says it's because of Ioryogi. Ginsei tells him that Ioryogi said he'd always use that kind of "old expressions", and Genko agrees, since he's older than both. He says the two of them are the same. It's revealed that Ioryogi raised Ginsei and gave him his name (meaning silver life). Genko doesn't understand why he has a problem with him, even after all he did for him, though he only exists in the human world now. Ginsei remarks that's only until he grants Kobato's wish, and that is his contract with God.

Zuisho bursts in, yelling to Genko that Ioryogi is just as selfish as ever, and also that Usagi-san came with a message "for that person". Ginsei reacts violently and grabs Zuisho by the neck, demanding for him to tell him what the message was about, nearly choking him. 

The scene changes again to Kobato, who is still glancing through the balcony, while Ioryogi comes towards her. Ioryogi apologizes for he came late, while in the rain. Kobato then realizes it's raining.

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