Drop 12-5
Drop 12-5
Chapter # 27.5
Chapter Length: 15 Pages
Volume # 4
Cover Characters: Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 12

Next: Drop 13

Kobato tries to explain herself, while Okiura comments how interesting she is. Now he plans to go home "in respect" of Kobato. He also tells Fujimoto to salute Chitose for him, implying that he doesn't mind bothering her as well. Eventually he leaves, leaving an angry Fujimoto behind. Then he notices that Kobato was silent, and asked what happened. She says nothing and then tries to pick up Okiura's cigarrette, though Fujimoto manages to take it away before she burns her finger and burns himself instead. She goes desperate not knowing what to do, albeit Fujimoto tells her it's nothing. She ignores his response and keeps worried, saying that it's worse that Fujimoto is hurt and not her.

He tells her she's just overreacting, to which she replies she isn't, "because it's Fujimoto-san". He's startled for her response.

The scene changes to the apartment building, Kobato is standing on the balcony reflecting about what happened earlier. She thinks that it was worse having Fujimoto hurt rather than Okiura... because it's Fujimoto-san and she just couldn't stand it. She wonders why, is it because they work together at the kindergarten?... because they live in the same apartment or because...? 

Just then, an usagi card with a balloon tied to it appeared next to her, and she starts singing.

On another scene we find Zuisho and Ioryogi flying, apparently still having problems with each other, with Zuisho commenting that after the transformation the characteristics of the animal became stronger. Ioryogi is amused by this, saying that if that were the case he would be having the feelings of a stuffed animal. He mentions how it's all like a fairy tale, Zuisho now telling him that to humans "heaven" and the "other world" are nothing but fables. Then they recognize a beautiful voice singing, which was Kobato's. Zuisho compares her voice to Kohaku's, saying it's a magnificent voice, and even an angel's egg would hatch to her voice. Then Ioryogi mentions that there's a sad feeling in her singing. He also mentions an extension of a half year.

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