Drop 9: Genko's Report
Drop 09
Chapter # 25
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 8

Next: Drop 10

Kobato is hanging out with the kids, who ask her which place is better to play; either outside or inside. She chooses to play outside, so they decide to play soccer and invite Kobato.

She asks Toshihiko to teach her how to play, and he blushes- Fujimoto arrives and tells the kids to go inside; also reminding Kobato to go in before she's late. Before that though, she thanks Fujimoto for helping her yesterday. He asks her if she managed to sleep after he left. She says yes, but Fujimoto comes closer to take a deeper look- and he sees her eyes are red, but Kobato reassures that she's ok. She thanks him again, while he hurries her even more.

Ioryogi is hanging off a tree. The kids spotted him and Zuishou, so they had to drop fast; Ioryogi is angry and wants to barbecue Zuishou even more- so he asks him for the report. Quick.

Zuishou tells him that the nursery was first owned by Sayaka's father, who's passed away. He was known as a good guy in the neighborhood, since he always found a way to help others, and even adopted a child, who is actually Fujimoto.

But people took advantage of him. Some people posed as a charity organization and convinced him to sign a mortage on the school. He was in deep debt, so he couldn't even sell it out. He had to hand over the school. He was also sick two years prior to his death. As Ioryogi had thought, it was the mafia.

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