Drop 8: Ioryogi-san in a Pinch!
Drop 08
Chapter # 24
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 7.5

Next: Drop 09

Kobato walks with Ioryogi down the alley. She looks really sad so Ioryogi asks her what's going on. He takes her cheeks and tries to draw a smile on her face. He tells her just to smile and everything will work out from there.

The kids come out to greet her. They ask her to have their naptime with them, while Ioryogi gets thrown to the ground. Then he sees a bird flying over him, and recognizes it as someone who works for the Bear. But he tells him his name is Zuishou, calling Ioryogi a stuffed animal, which is something that Ioryogi clearly doesn't like.

And for the looks of it, Ioryogi wants to barbecue him. But he tells Ioryogi he's got a message from Genko (the Bear) saying that he's finished looking what he wanted to. Then the kids realize there's someone outside...

So quickly, Ioryogi tells Zuishou to get out of there. He keeps yelling at him, quick!!! The two of them dissapear just in time since Toshihiko came out looking for them, thinking it was the "bad guys". He tells Kobato that everything should be alright.

Then we see Zuishou flying with Ioryogi, who is clearly angry that Kobato has forgotten about him, again.

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