Drop 7: Ioryogi Vs. Ginsei
Drop 07
Chapter # 23
Chapter Length: 14 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato
Previous: Drop 6.5

Next: Drop 7.5

Kobato is sitting outside waiting for news. Fujimoto joins her, and tells her it was his appendix, and he wouldn't die from that. But Kobato tells him it's still possible he could die, from a simple thing. Fujimoto wonders if something like that happened... while Kobato sobs.

Ioryogi keeps on looking for Kobato, he's getting really mad. Something hits him from behind, while a voice calls him "disgraceful". It's that guy again.

He lashes at Ioryogi, who tries to keep holding his box. The two of them fight, and Ioryogi loses hold of the box. He asks him what happened to his hellfire, and he says "same to you".

Ginsei asks him if he gets over his job, will he go back to heaven?

He doesn't know quite yet, because that "person" is the most important in heaven. He will keep him in that form until he reacts to something.

Ginsei recalls, "that girl"...

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