Drop 04: Words to Heal a Heart
Drop 04
Chapter # 20
Chapter Length: 13 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Kobato, Ioryogi and Ginsei
Previous: Drop 03

Next: Drop 05

Chitose is out sweeping the floor. Kobato comes out and she greets her. Then Chitose invites her for a cup of tea.

Kobato asks her why she invited her, but Chitose just thought she could take her mind off some things, and gives her some macaroons. Chitose tells her if she can do anything to help her, since she noticed her worries from her wrinkling. She adds, "it hurts just to be able to watch".

Kobato asks her that if she told her the reason she was wrinkling, if that would "heal" her. It startled her but she said yes. So afterwards, Kobato tells her about the nursery and the call. She wants to help her little by little; to what Chitose replied, that she doesn't know anything about her past but still she can look up on her instead of looking down on her. She gave her thanks and then another drop filled in her bottle.

She healed Chitose's heart just by hearing her! Ioryogi tells her "sometimes, words is all you need".

Chitose asked her if the person that called was Okiura. Kobato is startled and asks him if she knows him; to which she replies that she does. He's Sayaka's ex husband!

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