Drop 01: A New Determination
Drop 01
Chapter # 17
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Chapter 07

Next: Drop 02

Kobato wakes late and is scolded by Ioryogi. She trips over her suitcase and drops the bottle, but Ioryogi catches it in time. He argues with her about how important the bottle is, without it she can't go where she wants to go. She got 6 more pieces at the bazaar, but she has to fill it. Kobato wonders where is Fujimoto and when he gets to rest, since he works at part-time jobs all the time. Ioryogi tries rushing her.

Kobato rushes with Chitose and then heads off to the Nursery. She gets there and apologizes for being late and also sees Fujimoto. They're going to move the blankets which were purchased with the money from the bazaar.

Right then, the debt collector calls and Kobato picks up.

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