Drop 00- Extra Chapter: Ioryogi-san, One day
Drop 10-5
Chapter # 26.5
Chapter Length: 6 Pages
Volume # 3
Cover Characters: Ioryogi
Previous: Drop 10

Next: Drop 11

Ioryogi is sitting outside a basket waiting for Kobato. He goes for a walk, and falls off. Toshihiko hits the ball, and it lands near Ioryogi. He kicks it back, with Toshihiko not knowing how it came back. A sheet gets blown by the wind, and Ioryogi gets caught in it. Just before he thought he was safe- he's falling into water. He throws a fireball at it, and lands into the sandbox. Kobato finds Ioryogi, and asks him what he's doing in the sandbox. He's indignated, saying he'll never take a walk into the school again.

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