Chiho Mihara
Series: Kobato
Gender: Female
Age: 11-12
Birthday: Unknown
Background/Alliance Information
Other name:
Relations: Chitose Mihara (mother)
Chise Mihara (twin sister)
Residence Unknown
Current Status: Alive
Powers None
Physical Traits: brown eyes
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter
First Appearance(Anime) Episode
Last Appearance(Manga): Chapter
Last Appearance(Anime) Episode 24
Voice Actors
Japanese: Megumi Nakajima
English None

Mihara Chiho (三原 千帆) is the daughter of Chitose Mihara and twin sister of Chise Mihara.


Just like her sister, Chise has long blond hair reaching to her knees, with two pigtails at the front. She has brown eyes. In the anime, she is only seen wearing dresses in white and black. In contrast to Chise, her dresses have a white background colour with black details.


Both are cheerful, curious and fond of animals. They live with their mother Chitose, their father and attend a local school.




Chiho chise


  • She is also supposed to be the alternate version of Chii from CLAMP'S Chobits.

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