Anything I Can Do is the sixth chapter of Kobato.

Chapter 06: Anything I Can Do
Ch 06
Chapter # 15
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Chapter 05

Next: Chapter 07


The person standing next to Kobato is the same one who phoned her. He asked her what's she's doing since it's so late, and Kobato responds that it was something for the bazaar, lastly realizing the mistake of telling him about it.

Then he asks Kobato to tell Sayaka that he wouldn't be extending the time for the payment. And, also that she should let Sayaka know about his coming, that he will shut down the nursery indeed. He left without giving Kobato a chance of explaining herself.

Kobato came back to the boarding house, wondering if he could actually hurt Sayaka and the children this much. Fujimoto startles her, appearing behind her. He asks who she meant by "He", he overheard her since she was talking to Ioryogi.

He kept asking the same thing. But Kobato doesn't know his name, only that he was smoking and smiling a lot. Fujimoto recognizes him inmediately, asking Kobato not to tell Sayaka about it, and slams his door.

Back at the nursery, the children are excited about the bazaar. Kobato wonders if she should tell Sayaka about it, and Sayaka notices that she's thinking of something else, saying to her that if there's anything she needs she should tell her about it, and Kobato says the same thing.

Fujimoto's on the phone with the debt collector. He threatens him with hurting him if he continues to bother Sayaka. He tells him that he's no longer a kid as he was when Sayaka found him, ten years ago. He calls him Okiura.

Kobato's in the apartment with Ioryogi, wondering what kind of connection Sayaka and the debt collector have, since they share their last names. Now they know that Fujimoto's soul is also hurt, though Ioryogi says that everyone feels hurt at some point in their lives. Her goal is to fill the bottle with those feelings, so she could go where she wants to go.

Ioryogi suggests that she should just heal him instead of hating him though it was Fujimoto who's always hating her, Kobato says. Ioryogi asks her what she's doing and it's a "bunny" though Ioryogi thinks it's a penguin; and Kobato's willing to do her best so the bazaar succeeds, so she will make more of them. Ioryogi also calls it a "bizarre unidentified life form".

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