Chapter 05: Let's Hold a Bazaar!
Ch 05
Chapter # 14
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Chapter 04

Next: Chapter 06



Sayaka is thinking of shutting down the school, but then, Kobato arrives and plans to hold a bazaar to pay the debt of the school. Fujimoto turns her down inmediately saying that if that were the case they'd be done already, and telling her there's no point.

Kobato looks down, and then cheers up saying she'll go and sweep the floor. Sayaka tells Fujimoto to be careful when saying such things, next Fujimoto leaves a check in the desk.

Kobato is still sweeping the floor, looking very sad. She's crying, and Ioryogi tries to comfort her. Suddenly, Sayaka appears and she proposes to her to have the bazaar anyway, and the children are quite enthusiastic about it. When they're getting ready to leave, Fujimoto plays the goodbye song to them and glances at Kobato. Sayaka realizes that he cares about her, and he ignores it saying that it's got nothing to do with him. Kobato also asks Sayaka what she should do, and she tells her to do posters. While she's working on them, Fujimoto looks at them and bothers her for her drawings. Sayaka comes in and says they're ducks and sheeps.

Fujimoto leaves to another part time job, Sayaka tells him to not over work himself. Before he does, he leaves a note in Kobato's poster: "bizarre unidentified lifeform" and she's upset about it. Sayaka thinks he must really like her because if the didn't he'd just plain avoid her. She says she's known him since he was little, when Kobato can't imagine how, Sayaka changes the subject.

Just before leaving Kobato is surprised by a mysterious man, who's the same who spoke to her on the phone, the debt collector.

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