Chapter 03: Our Precious Piece
Ch 03
Chapter # 12
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Chapter 02

Next: Chapter 04


  • The debt collectors finally leave
  • Kobato wants to help paying Sayaka's debt
  • When talking to Toshihiko, Kobato gets her first piece


When Kobato gets her hair pulled by one of these men, Fujimoto intervenes. But doing so will give the other to attack him. Ioryogi takes advantage of this confusion and bites him. Sayaka at last comes out and asks them to leave, but they reply that they will come back as long as she doesn't pay.

Kobato startles everyone when she stands in front of them and tells them to go away. Then a kid cries, and they finally leave.

Kobato is worried about Sayaka and asks her if she's ok, then she moves to the kid who was crying and tells her he was faking so they'd leave. Fujimoto glances at Sayaka, who looks in pain. Kobato glances back at them too. When walking back home, Ioryogi wonders about the phone call of yesterday. She wants to pay off this debt but Ioryogi says that her little money would do no good.

At the park, she finds Toshihiko. He has to wait there until his mother comes back. But tells Kobato that she's a good mother and that she has to work, since his parents are getting divorced. She replies that's great, complimenting his mother. He was waiting for her to say she's a bad mother for leaving him alone, but she doesn't. Unable to contain himself any longer, Toshihiko falls to Kobato's arms and cries.

When she arrives home, she's impressed that she actually got a piece for the bottle today. It was for her complimenting Toshihiko's mother, which made him feel good.

Then the neighboor arrives and Kobato greets him. It was none other than Fujimoto, who tries to ignore her. She goes back to her bed, saying she'll definetely fill the bottle.

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