An Unhealed Heart is the 2nd chapter of Kobato.

Chapter 02: An Unhealed Heart
Ch 02
Chapter # 11
Chapter Length: 24 Pages
Volume # 2
Cover Characters: Kobato and Ioryogi
Previous: Chapter 01

Next: Chapter 03


Kobato wakes up and gets ready for her new work. We find out that Kobato doesn't sleep with a futon, and this will puzzle a lot of people. When she arrives to the kindergarden, Fujimoto shouts at her for being late (even if it was only 1 minute late). He also noticed that Kobato has her mat's markings on her face and gives her a hard time for it. Sayaka tells her if he gives her a hard time again, she'll punch him with her "fists of fury". This only puzzles Kobato more.

So, Sayaka asks Kobato to come and help drying the futons for nap time. The kids ask her to come and play but she refuses. Fujimoto doesn't mind being so hard on her, though he's more worried for Sayaka and says that he's seen her get hurt many times.

Kobato tries hard to help and she trips. Ioryogi's worried for the bottle, and Kobato wonders if she's already filling it with some. But Ioryogi tells her that helping out will not exactly cure Sayaka's heart.

Ioryogi is left at the office and notices a wierd call that Sayaka refuses to answer.

Back at the apartment building, Ioryogi continues to wonder what's hurting Sayaka. Then the twins knock at Kobato's door (Chiho and Chise) and give her a futon so she can sleep.

Next day, she finds some strange men outside the kindergarden. They are there to collect Sayaka's debt and bother the kids, so Kobato tries to stop them and a man pulls her hair.

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